What is Odds 0.5? Update Knowledge About The Most Standard 0.5 Odds 2024

The 0.5 bet is an extremely popular betting odds and appears a lot on trading floors. In the article below, join New88 đăng nhập Immediately learn all the knowledge related to this type compiled and shared by leading experts.

What is 0.5 odds?

According to analysts, on different exchanges, the ratio of 0.5 will also be denoted as 1/2 and read as a half-left bet. If we want to clarify the concepts of this ratio, we first need to base it on the type of betting mentioned:


The most popular when talking about left half odds is the type of handicap betting, also known asAsian handicap. Accordingly, in this type of play, a club that is considered stronger than its opponent will have a goal handicap of 0.5 deducted when calculating the final win or loss result. So when making a decision to bet, bettors will need to understand the following calculation principles:

  • The team that is considered to be in the upper position in the duel will have 0.5 goals deducted from the final score.
  • On the contrary, the club in the lower position in the competition will have an additional 1/2 goal added to the final result.

The purpose of the house giving this ratio is to balance the strength of both sides in the competition, creating fairness for bettors when betting on matches.


In addition to handicap betting, over/under is also a bet that the bookmaker offers at a rate of 0.5. When participating in betting, bettors will have to predict how the total number of goals scored in the match correlates with the level of 0.5 with the following calculation:

  • Over: Total number of goals in the match will end with at least 1 ball.
  • Under: The player predicts that the confrontation will have a draw of 0-0.

Normally, the over/under level of 0.5 will have a higher probability of appearing in the first half of matches. Only when the duel enters the 60-70 minute mark of the second half and the result still stops at 0-0 will the bookie adjust the over/under rate given to 0.5 on the trading floor. pandemic.

How to calculate winning or losing bet 0.5

Not many bettors clearly understand the rules for calculating wins and losses when participating in the 0.5 odds offered by the house. Therefore, immediately refer to the following instructions from leading experts to grasp detailed information:


At Asian betting odds, bettors participating in the 0.5 bet will calculate their wins and losses based on the following 4 cases:

  • Choose the above bet:
    • A returned bet is a winning bet when the club is able to defeat the opponent.
    • On the contrary, if they are tied or lose, the bettor will have to lose all of their invested capital.
  • Below:
    • Player bet brings profit to yourself if the club does not accept defeat in the match.
    • Players will lose when the team is defeated by the opponent after the match time.


The over/under betting form will have a relatively simple way of calculating wins and losses when the bettor will encounter 1 of 4 situations corresponding to the following 2 options:

Total number of goals scored Minimum 1 No goals appeared
Choose over 0.5 Defensive bets are counted as full wins Bets are calculated as losing all capital
Bet under 0.5 The player loses all money Bet the player and receive enough winning bets for yourself


How to calculate profit when playing 0.5 odds

To be able to estimate the total amount of money received when betting at a rate of 0.5, players first need to base on the payout Odds offered by the house.

  • When the payout odds are positive (Odds > 0):
    • Player brings profit when winning = Odds * Capital.
    • If you lose, the bettor loses his entire betting capital.
  • When the payout odds are negative (Odds < 0):
    • Defensive bet brings in enough profit = Total amount initially spent.
    • If you lose, the player loses the invested capital = Odds * Bet.

To make it easier to imagine, let’s look at an example of the match between Tottenham Hotspur vs Brentford, which has a handicap ratio of -0.5 with Odds 0.86 * (-0.96). Assuming the bettor invests $100 in the match, the total amount received will be calculated as follows:

  • Choose Tottenham:
    • The Lily wins, the defensive bet brings profit = 100 * 0.86 = 86$.
    • If the team draws or loses, the bettor loses his total capital of $100.
  • Choose Brentford door:
    • The team does not accept defeat in the match, the player’s bet is calculated as winning total capital = 100$.
    • In case the team loses, the bettor will lose capital = 100 * 0.96 = 96$.

The above article has explained most thoroughly all the information about the 0.5 bet that players need to know. Thank you readers for your interest and see you again in the following match analysis articles at New88.

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