What is European Handicap? Valuable Experience From  New88 Experts

Let’s New88today – Leading bookmaker in the field of online soccer betting, explore more deeplyEuropean odds, learn how to read odds, and receive valuable experience from experts to make smart decisions in betting.

What is the concept of European handicap?

European handicap, also known as 1X2 handicap, is the most popular type of betting in football. With this type of bet, players will rely on the given odds to bet on 3 possible outcomes after 90 minutes of official play. The more different the strength and vitality of the two teams are, the more different the odds will be between the two sides. For teams with equal overall strength, this will be the most attractive match because the odds on both sides are equal.

  • Result 1: Home team wins
  • Result X: Draw
  • Result 2: Away team wins

Bookmakers will give odds for each result based on analyzing the strength of the two teams.

For example: Bookmaker  New88 is offering the European odds between Burnley and Liverpool Clubs at 7.4/5.3/1.39.

  • If the player chooses home team Burnley 100k, Burnley wins, the winnings will be 740k total. Conversely, if Burnley draws or loses, the bet will be lost.
  • If the player chooses away team Liverpool 100k, in the end result Liverpool wins, the bet will be 139k total. Conversely, if Liver draws or loses, the bet will be lost.

This type of bet brings simplicity and ease of understanding for beginners. However, 1X2 bets lack flexibility and often do not bring high betting value like other types of bets.

What types of European bets are there in football?

Normally, in European handicaps, players often think of bets based on the result of the match score, but with the variety of types of bets, bookmakers have created variable 1×2 bets. Other songs like:

Evaluate the bettors’ views on European odds

In the online soccer betting community, there are many different views on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bet:

  • New players often like 1X2 betting because of its simplicity, ease of betting and monitoring.
  • Long-time players believe that European handicap lacks flexibility and does not bring high betting value. Therefore, they often combine with other types of bets to minimize risks.
  • Some bettors consider this type of bet to still be a good choice for beginners. It helps them easily get used to betting before moving on to more complicated bets.
  • Limitation on betting windows is a weakness of this type of bet, making it less likely for players to expand their bet type like other bets, especiallyhandicap (Handicap)
  • Experts research on the technique of eating less and eating more, or a ratio below 1.5 is the forte because the lower the ratio, the lower the risk.

Guide with  New88 on how to read and bet on European handicaps

To read and bet on this type of betting effectively and smartly, you need:

  • Carefully study information about the home team and away team: expected lineup, performance, head-to-head statistics, injury news…
  • Consider the published 1X2 odds: consider which team is rated higher based on the odds.
  • Predict match results based on analysis of the above factors.
  • Decide to bet on the outcome you think is most likely to happen.
  • Consider combining other types of bets (handicap, over/under…) to optimize your chances of winning.
  • Manage your betting budget properly, don’t put all your capital into just one bet.

Thus, with a deep understanding, you can completely apply European handicaps flexibly and successfully.

Share valuable experiences from  New88 experts

Choose the appropriate market and tournament

New88 experts advise you to focus on 1-2 markets and tournaments that you are familiar with and follow closely. This will help you understand the team’s lineup and performance, thereby making more accurate predictions. You should not bet on too many matches in tournaments that you do not understand.

Carefully analyze the information before the match

Please take the time to carefully research information related to the match such as expected lineup, performance, injury news, head-to-head achievements…  New88 experts always update the latest information, including the latest information. Small news like weather, stadium, referee… can affect the match.
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Pay attention to odds and market trends

Analyzing 1X2 odds and general betting trends of the market helps you identify opportunities. If the odds are too low compared to your prediction, it may be an opportunity to place a high value bet. Closely monitoring betting trends will help you stay one step ahead of the market. In addition, learn about the fluctuations of the odds and choose the right time to get the best price, then putting in money will help you gain a small profit.

Use other types of bets to optimize

Experts advise you to combine European odds with other bets such as handicaps, over/unders, correct score bets… to increase your chances of winning big. A reasonable combination of bets will help optimize your chances of winning. In football, people call combined bets double bets when they combine over/under bets and European bets.

Manage reasonable betting amounts

Always set a limit on the amount you bet per match and your risk tolerance before placing a bet. You should not bet all-in on any match even if you are very confident. Reasonable budget management will help you bet long-term and successfully.

Valuable advice from  New88 experts is experience drawn from thousands of matches. Applying these things, you can completely seize the opportunity and be successful when participating in betting.

Note when playing European odds

To play 1X2 effectively, you need to pay attention to some important issues to minimize risks and optimize your chances of winning. Below are some necessary notes when participating in betting.

  • Understand information and carefully analyze the match: This is a key factor, you need to carefully study the squad, form, confrontation statistics…
  • Smart financial management, strategic betting: Determine betting limits, do not put all your capital in one bet, monitor market trends to find opportunities.
  • Combine other types of bets to optimize: Using handicap and over/under combined with 1X2 bets will help increase the value of bets.
  • Always accept a risk ratio: No bet is 100% certain, there is always the possibility of something unexpected happening.


European Handicap will definitely be the ideal choice for those who are passionate about soccer betting. With its simple nature, easy to play, easy to understand but also challenging, 1X2 handicap is the ideal stepping stone for you to get acquainted with this world of betting.

However, to win, players need to find a reputable and professional bookmaker. Here, information and odds are updated quickly and accurately, helping you easily grasp opportunities.

With many years of experience and the trust of millions of players,  New88 is the number 1 choice for you. Join now to experience betting according to international bookmaker standards. Good luck!

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