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Great Power’s Evolution: Leading the Charge in Energy Storage Battery Technology

Great Power, a key player in the global energy storage battery market, has been at the forefront of technological advancements since its inception. Their commitment to excellence in battery technology is evident through milestones such as the successful launch of the lithium iron battery (Li-FeS2) in 2004, a breakthrough that filled an industrial gap in China and earned them the Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award.

Setting Industry Standards

The journey continued with Great Power’s active participation in shaping industry standards. In 2009, they played a pivotal role in drafting standards like the General Requirements for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Modules and General Requirements for Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery Modules. This commitment to setting and upholding industry benchmarks showcased their dedication to quality and innovation.

Mass Production of Ternary High-Nickel Aqueous Batteries

Fast forward to 2018, Great Power marked another milestone by moving into mass production of batteries featuring a ternary high-nickel aqueous material. This not only demonstrated their adaptability to emerging technologies but also solidified their position as a leading force in the energy storage battery market.

Global Recognition and Market Standing

Great Power’s influence is globally acknowledged, with a notable presence in the TOP5 of the global ESS battery market and securing the TOP2 position in the global residential ESS battery market. These rankings, reflective of their industry impact, underscore the company’s significant contributions to the evolution of energy storage systems battery on a global scale.


In conclusion, Great Power’s energy storage battery technology has been marked by innovation, industry leadership, and a commitment to setting high standards. As they continue to make strides in mass production and global market standing, their impact on the energy storage systems battery landscape is set to grow even further.

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