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Providing SMT Assembly Service Quality Enterprise: YLC-King

In the highly competitive circuit board market,YLC-King Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing services provider specializing in printed circuit board assembly. One of the key services offered by YLC-King Electronics is surface mount technology SMT assembly, which is the process of mounting electronic components to the surface of a PCB.

Allows for Smaller and More Compact PCB Designs

SMT assembly is a widely used method in the electronics industry due to its many advantages over traditional through-hole assembly. One of the main benefits of SMT assembly is that it allows for smaller and more compact PCB designs, which is essential for modern electronic devices that require high functionality in a small form factor. SMT assembly also offers better electrical performance, as the shorter distances between components reduce the parasitic capacitance and inductance that can affect signal integrity.

Strict Quality Control over The Entire Process

KLC-King Electronics also exercises strict quality control over the entire process (material – production – product). Starting from the SMT mounting board, the SMT mounting position is detected, which can shorten the SMT trial production time, save components and ensure the quality of SMT. Secondly, to the first inspection, mainly from the wrong materials, missing parts, polarity, direction, screen printing and other aspects to check whether qualified. Check solder paste printing problems with automatic 3D solder paste inspection. There are also open and short circuit inspections to check welding problems and X-ray BGA, QFN and other devices.


Overall, YLC-King’s SMT assembly capabilities are a key strength that sets them apart in this industry. Their expertise in SMT assembly, combined with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, make them a trusted partner for clients in a wide range of industries.

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