Yigong Shi: The Man Behind Westlake University’s Success Story

Get ready to learn more about the man behind this fantastic success story! Yigong Shi has been a driving force behind the success of Westlake University, leading the institution to its current position as one of the top universities in China. In this article, we’ll explore Yigong Shi’s background, contributions to Westlake University, and philosophy on education.

Yigong Shi’s Background and Early Career

Yigong Shi acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with best honor from Tsinghua University in 1989 and his Ph.D. in Biophysics from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1995. Following a two-year postdoctoral research stay at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, he joined Princeton University’s Department of Molecular Biology as an Assistant Professor in 1998. He was promoted to Full Professor in 2003. In 2007, he was named Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Molecular Biology. Dr. Shi resigned from Princeton University a year later, declined an invitation to become an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and returned to Tsinghua University, where he supervised the development of the biomedical research community for ten years. Shi was elected as the Founding President of Westlake University, China’s first new type of research institution, in April 2018.

Contributions to Westlake University

Yigong Shi is the man behind Westlake University’s success story. He is the founder and current president of Westlake University. Under his leadership, Westlake University has become one of the leading research universities in China.

Professor Shi has made numerous contributions to Westlake University. He has helped to establish the university as a world-class research institution. He has also recruited many top academic talents to join the university. In addition, he has worked tirelessly to promote collaborations between Westlake University and other leading international universities.

All these efforts have resulted in significant achievements for Westlake University. The university is now ranked among the top 100 universities in Asia and among the top 500 universities in the world. Moreover, it is one of the most prestigious research institutions in China.


Yigong Shi is an inspirational and successful figure in the Chinese education sector. He embodies the ideals of hard work and determination. His commitment to higher education and his success with Westlake University has been a testament to his drive and dedication, setting an example for others to follow.

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