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Unmatched Protection: EVB’s Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Cable and its IP55 Rating

When it comes to electric vehicle (EV) charging, protection against external elements is crucial for longevity and reliability. EVB‘s floor standing EV charger with cable stands out with its robust protection, boasting an impressive IP55 rating. This rating ensures the charger’s resilience against dust and water, making it a durable and weather resistant choice for EV owners in various environmental conditions.

The Significance of IP55 Rating

The IP55 rating holds great significance in the world of electrical devices, including EV chargers. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which indicates the level of protection against solid objects (represented by the first digit) and liquids (represented by the second digit). In the case of EVB’s charger, the IP55 rating guarantees superior protection against dust particles and water ingress.

Benefits of a Durable and Weather Resistant Charger

By investing in an floor standing EV charger with an IP55 rating, EV owners can reap several benefits. Firstly, the charger’s resistance to dust ensures that internal components remain clean and free from potential damage caused by particles. Secondly, the protection against water ingress safeguards the charger from moisture related issues, such as corrosion or short circuits. This durability extends the lifespan of the charger, providing long term value to EV owners.

Reliability and Longevity in Various Environmental Conditions

EVB’s floor standing EV charger’s IP55 rating ensures its reliability and longevity, even in challenging environmental conditions. Whether it’s dusty desert terrains or rainy coastal areas, the charger’s robust protection allows it to function optimally without compromising performance. EV owners can have peace of mind knowing that their charging solution can withstand the elements and deliver consistent power to their vehicles.


EVB’s floor standing EV charger with cable sets itself apart with its exceptional IP55 rating for protection againstdust and water. This robust protection ensures the charger’s durability and weather resistance, making it a reliable choice for EV owners in various environmental conditions. The IP55 rating guarantees that the charger remains unaffected by dust particles and water ingress, extending its lifespan and providing long term value. With EVB’s charger, EV owners can charge their vehicles with confidence, knowing that their charging solution is built to withstand the rigors of different environments. Whether in dusty or wet conditions, the charger’s IP55 rating ensures reliable performance and uninterrupted charging. Embracing EVB’s floor mounted AC EV charger with cable and its IP55 rating means embracing a charging solution that prioritizes protection and reliability, delivering a seamless and worry free charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

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