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Top 5 Leased Lines for Businesses


BTnet Leased Lines UK is a high-speed, scalable connection available for residential or business use. These leased lines can be purchased directly from BT, or through a wholesale provider. These lines also come with uptime guarantees of at minimum 99%. Services include either wires-only or engineer installation. A backup circuit will replace the main line in case of an emergency.

BTnet leased line speeds are up to 10Gbps for upload and downloading. This symmetrical speed makes it ideal for VoIP applications, file transfer, and remote access. BT offers discounts and service level agreements for these leased lines. BT also offers a guarantee of high data reliability, security, and scalability. Any issue will be addressed within five hours.

TalkTalk Business

A TalkTalk Business Leased Line can be a great option for any size business. These lines are only available in select locations and can offer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. For your business, you can order up to four static IP addresses. You can order as many as four static IP addresses for your business. The most popular package includes 100 Mbps of bandwidth. However, you can also order up to 10 Gbps.

TalkTalk Business Leases UK can help your business achieve its goals, no matter how simple or complex. Your business will not experience frustrating delays because their network is always reliable. The network is available in 95% of the UK, so there’s no need to worry about poor connections.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Leased Lines provide high-speed internet connections to businesses. These lines can be used for many purposes and offer speeds from 30Mbps up to multi-gigabits. There are several packages available that include unlimited calls within the UK. You can also get features like call recording and fax messaging with higher-level packages.

Virgin Media’s network is more extensive than half of the UK and serves more than half of the country’s businesses. It serves both businesses and public institutions through its 600 wholesale partners. Its network handles more than 35% of the country’s broadband traffic.


Zen Leased Lines UK offers reliable and fast internet to UK businesses. Zen, a Northern-based ISP, was founded in 1995 and has seen a steady growth in its product and service offerings. Zen has received numerous national awards for their service and their support staff is always available in order to answer any questions that customers might have.

The company offers speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps. They offer 24/7 technical support and 100% uptime. Zen claims that they have one of Europe’s best networks, meaning their customers can get uptime guarantees and quick response times. Zen’s network is made up five points-of-presence in the UK. This means that it is more likely to respond when necessary.

CCS Leeds

CCS Leeds is an independent provider for leased lines, broadband internet and web hosting services. CCS was established in 1998 and has continued to grow, delivering new technology to their clients. CCS offers customized connectivity solutions that can be set up quickly and are cost-effective. The company’s headquarters is in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

CCS Leeds leased line offers businesses reliable and secure internet access. They offer flexible bandwidth options and can be leased at a variety of speeds. CCS Leeds leased line is the best choice for many businesses.


CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider for wholesale fibre network infrastructure. Its goal is to provide full fibre connectivity to UK cities and towns, and to offer Gigabit speeds for businesses at a fraction the cost. CityFibre connects over 60 cities and towns in the UK, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking for fast connectivity.

CityFibre offers a high-quality, symmetrical connection that can upload and download gigabits. This type of leased connection uses fibre optic technology which is more efficient than copper. It allows businesses to do bandwidth-intensive tasks without additional charges. The network can be monitored round the clock and has full business-class service agreements.


Sky Leased Lines UK provides high-speed, reliable connections. Its fibre network covers more than 7,500km and 96% of UK business postcodes. It is also future-proof. It is fully scalable and backed by the most recent technology.

This company has extensive knowledge in leasing lines to businesses. The company has been a leading provider of this service for many years. It can therefore offer its customers a variety of services at affordable prices. There are smaller providers who offer lower rates. It recently purchased Cable and Wireless, a competitor in the UK leased line market.

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