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SANVO: The Manufacturer of Quality Hardware Lubricants, Sealants, and Adhesives

SANVO is a manufacturer of quality hardware lubricants, sealants & adhesives. They design and produce high-quality market products that are used in a wide variety of industries to reduce friction and extend equipment life.

Who is SANVO?

Your go-to maker of adhesives and sealants is SANVO. The business has been increasing its investments in developing organic silicon products. The CTC product quality certification, the weather-resistant adhesive product certification, and the nationally recognized structural glue production enterprise were all passed by SANVO.

Products Manufactured by SANVO

Neoprene Contact Adhesive

The new and improved SANVO Neoprene Contact Adhesive formula has a quick drying time and significantly increased adhesion to various polar and non-polar materials. Improvements in cold resistance, moisture resistance, and initial adhesion are made—high solid content, easy to assemble, and coated. The amount of glue used per unit area is more cost-effective, and the number of dangerous compounds is completely within the acceptable range, protecting the health of construction workers and end users.

Liquid Sealant

After curing, the material is elastic and has good sealing and anti-shock properties. All engine oil, gear oil, gasoline, diesel oil, water, etc., are well-resistant to it. It has a significant edge over competing products regarding automatic transmissions, motorcycle engine cushions, automotive intake and exhaust manifolds, and automotive sealing. In addition, it was used to seal various gas threads to stop oil and gas leaks.

Nails Free Adhesive

Instead of using nails, SANVO Nails Free Adhesive uses synthetic rubber and high-performance resin, allowing for quick placement, labor, time savings, convenience, and speed.


SANVO is a reliable manufacturer of quality hardware lubricants, sealants, and adhesives. If you need help finding the right product, please visit the website to know more!

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