How to Choose a Trigger for Your AR-15 Rifle

There is no denying the popularity or the impact AR-15 rifles have had since they were first developed. They are the most customizable firearms worldwide; no gun collection is complete without one. However, the most customizable part of an AR-15 rifle is the trigger which is also a vital part of the gun. A smooth and consistent trigger with the right pull weight will give you more accuracy. Though the best AR triggers won’t fix technical issues, they will help enhance your consistency. The best way to choose and customize a trigger is when you build a gun from the lowers 80 receivers. Therefore, choose an 80 lower that is best for your firearm. Choosing the right trigger mainly depends on your needs, but it can be challenging as you would have to go through different options to choose the right one. Luckily, the following guide will assist you in selecting the best trigger for your AR-15.

Types of Trigger

Evaluating the different type of triggers help you choose the one right for your rifle. There are three main types of rifle triggers, and all are used for specific purposes.

Mil-spec Triggers

Mil-spec triggers are the most common type and are standard in law enforcement and armed forces. The beauty of this trigger is its balanced weight distribution. It’s common knowledge that balanced triggers are necessary not only for performance but for protection as well. A tight trigger will delay the response time, whereas a light one will discharge the firearm with minimum effort. Typically, a pull weight of around 5.5-8.0 pounds is required to use the trigger, making it a user-friendly trigger. You can find various modifications in this trigger type, such as centurion, geissele, or sionics. All three subtypes have adjustable pull weight options and can be customized further according to the requirements.

ACT Triggers

ACT Triggers, also known as ALG defense triggers, could be a fantastic choice for your rifle. ACT stands for Advanced Combat Triggers. These increase the performance and responsiveness of your rifle. These triggers are specially designed to provide you with reliable and consistent performance. These triggers give you exceptional performance; on the other end, these triggers are coated with nickel Teflon, so corrosion and sticking are not an issue.

Cassette Triggers

These are also called competition triggers, used mainly by competitors engaging in tournaments. They are highly manipulative, meaning the pull weight can be adjusted according to the situation. Usually, they have lower pull weight which reduces the response time and enhances the speed.

When choosing a trigger, make sure to consider your intended application. Once you are clear about the application, you can narrow your selection to a specific trigger type. Every kind of trigger has its pros and cons, so the decision to choose a trigger must be based purely on personal preferences. Remember, triggers are the hearts of the rifle; any mistake can cause personal injuries and harm to people around you.

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