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An Explanation of Reception Counters

We at M2 Retail emphasize the value of a well-designed reception area while offering office furniture for various sectors. When clients and customers enter a warm, appealing, and well-designed greeting room, it increases your credibility. A well-designed office demonstrates your professionalism and concern. Seating and the welcome counter are essential elements of a reception area. Reception counters will be our main topic today. Continue reading!

Think About The Reception Counter’s Size

We advise choosing a modest waiting room desk that one person can only use at a time if your waiting room space is limited. Large reception counters work well if you have enough room for them. A vast reception counter in a cramped location will look out of place. One design rule always applies to offices is that you want the area to appear proportionate.

Which Shape Would Benefit Your Receiving Area the Most?

We provide receiving counters in various sizes and styles. The following is a list:

Single Surface: This option is perfect because it has a single surface that clients or patients can utilize to write on. Particularly in restaurants, these desks are available in straight or curved shapes and may be used in small and large settings.

L-Shaped: Although this counter is available in various sizes, only one receptionist can use it simultaneously. It allows one receptionist to work independently.

U-shaped: U-shaped Desks generally have a third surface. They come with curved or straight edges perfect for multiple receptionists to work simultaneously. This is the best option if your waiting area is significant.

Round: Round or circular receiving counters work best in bigger waiting spaces. Your receptionist will be the focus of attention if you put them in the center of the reception area, which creates an open floor plan. They frequently need more space in waiting for smaller rooms.

M2 Retail is pleased to offer our office furniture and design experience to assist you in creating the most productive, imaginative, and positive work environment possible. We have the know-how and tools to ensure your workplace is lovely, practical, and a magnificent activity center in your business location.

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